A Game i'm working on, you can play it at summer 2015 for free!

D-World is a puzzle Game with RPG elements. You have to gain levelups to get more skills, you can explore
dungeons, fight against Bosses and search for a way to leave the D-World. To copile the source code for the
big restore programm, you have to find the snippets. These are hidden in levels, some of them, are protected
by the lords of the deleted.

The D-World is the data-nirvana, the place wehere all delete files go, it's a strage and dangerous world located
on a old forgotten server.

Minimum System Requirements:
AMD Athlon II @ 2,2 Ghz Dualcore
Nividia Geforce 8800GT
1 GB free HDD space
.NET 4.5 Framework
Windows 7 32 Bit
Internet Connection for registration, activation and downloads

You can play offline!